Tuesday, May 8, 2012

East Coast Bound

I logged in a few weeks ago only to discover  blogger had changed its format.  I became a grumpy old man, complained about change, and then proceeded to skip writing my blog about my latest bike ride.

So with a busy workload and old man tendencies, I have not blogged in over a month.  The biggest news, for those not related to me, not friends on facebook, or otherwise living under a rock, is that I am moving back to DC. 

This was not a decision reached early, and once given the approval I momentarily freaked out and hoped it was the right decision.  After being generally unhappy over the winter, I couldn't pinpoint why until I came back to DC for the half marathon in March.   I missed home.  I missed being able to see my family without taking out a small loan to finance the flight.  I even missed rain. 

I am in DC now; back for the first time since getting the approval from my company to move back.   I've been exploring the city a bit more and am much more sure of my decision and am very excited to get here and settle in. 

When I started this blog, it was a way for my to calm myself about my impending big, scary move to Denver.  I blogged a picture of my first packed box, of my apartment, and of our roadtrip across country in the ever-spacious Echo.  I can't help think about how drastically different this move will be.

For one, I won't have an apartment when I arrive.  I'll be staying with my friends Risa and Paul while tracking down apartments and aggressively pursuing the perfect spot.  I got an apartment snatched out from underneath me this weekend and came to the conclusion that it made a lot of financial sense to wait until I'm here again.  It is both stressful and destressing - one less thing to try to plan before I move.

Secondly, I won't have the Echo.  I'm selling it in Denver and going carless in DC.  I'm so excited, but I will be sad to see my little car go.  No fun filled roadtrip, either.  I'll likely board a plane and only take one day off to load up my pod. 

Finally, I'm selling most of my belongings and hoping to just slink into an apartment that is already furnished, with the exception of my room.  I spent 6 years accumulating enough things to fill my one bedroom apartment and it is very freeing to purge so many things. 

So another scary cross-country move is on the horizon, but thankfully May and June are so action-packed I don't really have the time to get worried.  I'll do as my father and make lists and check things off and hope I remember to do everything but if I don't, it will all work out in the end. 

DC, here I come.