Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Facts

1.) I love football. A lot. I haven't been able to watch a game yet this year and I'm positively giddy about Sunday.

2.) I play in two fantasy football leagues and had to miss both drafts. My autodrafts went amazingly well, but both teams are 1-1. One loss was by 0.9 pts and one win was by over 100 pts.

3.) I can't fully relax if I know I have to be somewhere at a certain time later that day. In my mind I'm always counting down to when I have to get ready or leave.

4.) My boss is going on maternity leave and I have picked up several projects from her while she is away/can't travel. As a result, I'm traveling 5 times before Thanksgiving with the possibility of a 6th trip, to Miami for my Everglades project.

5.) I am less than 6,000 miles away from becoming an elite flyer with United.

6.) This morning I walked to work just because I missed walking so much each day. In Europe we averaged 6-10 miles each day.

7.) I can't stand Ben Stiller and hate watching movies with him in it.

8.) I miss Sundays at Bailey's in Arlington with my two Raven's Laurens and our token Steeler's fan Beth. :) Nothing made me happier than to get there at noon to get a seat, watch the 1pm and 4:15 games and go home to watch the night game. During Snowpacolypse, Lauren and I trudged there in the snow and had a wonderful day. Walking home with Chipotle and a six pack, Lauren fell squarely on her butt and sat in the snow laughing. Its one of my favorite Sunday memories.

9.) I still have yet to buy groceries since I've been back.

10.) I'm contemplating buying an ipad.

11.) I don't play favorites, but Fall is up there as my favorite time of year. I love any weather in which I can wear both flip flops and a hoodie.

12.) I don't turn the heat on in my apartment until my fingertips turn blue while sitting on my couch. Lauren and I used to see how long we could make it, usually until early December. I play a game with myself each month to see how low I can get my utility bill to be.

13.) Instead of turning on the heat, I wear my enormous North Face fleece pants which I have nicknamed "My man pants"

14.) I loved all the places we went to in Europe, but I think I liked Munich and Edinburgh the best because they are smaller. I have realized I like urban living, but in smaller cities like Denver and DC. Living in New York would make me miserable.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Oh, and also...Moab/Arches National Park was incredible

Back in the US (SR)

I've had that song stuck in my head since I got back on U.S. soil (albeit briefly, as I ran through Dulles airport and cut the line at security so I could get through customs and reboard my plane). All of my planes, trains, and buses were on time and I got back to my place just after 7pm. Europe was incredible. In my copious free time I'm planning on doing a post for each city, but it may take me awhile to get my act together (and to steal the pictures from my mom).

Surprisingly, I haven't had much jet lag. I went to bed at 9 and slept til 5:30. Last night I went out with some friends for Rock and Roll Bingo (in place of doing the more responsible thing and getting groceries. I make only the best decisions). I stayed awake until 10:30 then slept til my alarm at 7. Makes me a bit nervous that it has been so easy. Like I may go to bed Friday night and not wake up until Sunday.

I'm surprisingly happy to be back in Denver and back in my routine. I had never traveled for that long of a time and by the end I was still enjoying myself thoroughly but I was sick of looking at my suitcase. And it really smelled. I put on my hoodie on the airplane, not having used it since the flight to Scotland, and immediately took it off and froze for the duration of the flight - it smelled that bad. But I doubt the guy next to me would have noticed.

He was a nervous flier, I noted as we took off and he white knuckled the arm rest. His solution to this was clearly to get thoroughly tanked. He ordered a jack and coke, with two jack daniels. He ordered two more, followed by a bloody mary with two vodkas. All in all he bought 8 $7 bottles of alcohol for an 8 hour flight. I'm glad he was on the aisle seat bc he peed every 30 minutes. But he laughed super loud at all the movies he watched and provided me with a wealth of entertainment.

To my delight, United had upgraded me to economy plus for my flight so I was awash with legroom and seat space. Today I found out I am 6,000 miles away from being an elite member - just in time for my 5 upcoming work trips between now and Thanksgiving! Certainly will make for nicer flights - free economy plus upgrades, free checked bags, and I think I get to board first too! I will achieve this just in time to lose the status on January 1st. C'est la vie!

For now, I'm just happy to be sleeping in my own bed, taking long, hot, full-pressure showers and the wrapping myself in my wonderfully large bathrobe. Its the simple things that traveling makes you appreciate. And I've got 10 more days to appreciate them until I'm back on an airplane, traveling to another park and another hotel room. I wouldn't have it any other way.