Thursday, October 18, 2012

Say What?

I am finally settled in, loving life back in Washington, D.C.  Within a few weeks, I had found a great place to live in the Logan Circle section of the District, coincidentally only 2.5 blocks from two of my most favorite people - Paul and Marisa!  I didn't really have roommates until September, but Ali and Lizzie are now moved in (or back from producing the OLYMPICS!) and we have a blast.  Our neighborhood is constantly shifting and new shops and restaurants are opening every week.  I look forward to introducing you to my 'hood.  Look for a new post tomorrow on Drafting Table!

But today's post is not DC-related.  I am the daughter of an English teacher and, as such, have come to find out that my family's vocabulary can sometimes be a bit wonkier than others.  Many times in college, people thought both Allison and I were just making words up.  Granted, sometimes I was (Fellowship Paul, I came to find out growing up, is actually Fellowship Hall.  And Guy Newar on Prairie Home Companion?  Yeah, that's Guy Noir).

As is often the case, I hear words my mom would say and wouldn't necessarily ever see them spelled out.  In today's instance, I was talking about my pretentious eating habits (tongue-in-cheek, of course - my dinner most nights rotates between popcorn and Count Chocula) and called them "High Faluting".  When gchat told me I misspelled it, I went  for "High Falooting".  Perplexed, and offered no help by my gchat recipient, who had absolutely no idea what word I was even going for, I consulting the dictionary.

Did everyone else know it was one word?  And didn't have a 'g' in it?  The proper spelling is 'highfalutin' taken from high-flute, which makes even less sense.  But in my mind, it will always be a verb - to faloot - and when you're being pretentious, you're high falooting.

Now back to my highfalutin life down here in D.C. - restaurant openings await! 

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  1. And when we're in Denver we're High FaTooting! :)