Sunday, April 11, 2010

Annnd GO!

Ok. A blog. I've tried this before (oh long-lost LiveJournal account, I've forgotten your log in info). I never really had much to say. And even if I did, who would want to read it? Aren't blogs so very egocentric? Is this too self indulgent? Really, who cares what I'm thinking? If I post this link in facebook, would it be followed by random kids I went to high school with but never actually talk to anymore (much like a guy from HS's blog that I love to read - Ryan, if you're reading this - Have Jenna post more often. And your kid is adorable!).

But really. A blog. What if I'm not funny enough to read? What if the only person who ends up reading this are Allison (sister) and my mom? Anything I'd write, they would be hearing about anyhow. So really, why bother?

Writing blogs make me feel uncomfortable (see aforementioned issues, above). Over the past two years, I've tried to set more goals and force myself outside of my comfort zone. So, in the spirit of Julie Powell and Gretchen Rubin, I'm starting a blog.

So after 4 long years in DC, working full time and slogging through my graduate program, life is rapidly changing. I'm graduating (soonish) and moving to Denver (eee!) and starting a whole new life in a new city without knowing anyone (yikes!). So, thats got to be something to write about, right? Here's hoping.

So. Welcome to my blog. Here's hoping I don't bore you to tears!

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